Louis Vuitton 101: The Material Guide

A Basic Breakdown To LV’s Well-Known Elements

Louis Vuitton, while having some of the most recognizable patterns in the luxury market, has an extensive, and seemingly infinite, range of options available to them. From canvases to leather and everything in between, not to mention the variations of each, Louis Vuitton has created an arsenal of materials at their disposal that does not detract from their notability.

This article will be your guide to the basics of Louis Vuitton’s inventory of textiles and leathers. Please note, each set of examples shown is but a small sampling of many available styles and colors.

Common Exterior Materials

Coated Canvas

This is by far the most recognizable and used textile in Louis Vuitton’s line of products. Nearly all of the brand staples are available in this material. It is often mistaken for leather but is, in fact, a coated canvas that has been textured to look like such.

Epi Leather

By far the brand’s most common leather option due to its durability, Epi leather is a uniquely textured vegetable tanned hide made in an array of colors.

Electric Epi Leather

A variation of Epi leather, Electric Epi is its shiny patent counterpart.

Monogram Empreinte

This is a much less rigid leather that is supple and soft yet incredibly durable with a light texture and classic monogram embossing.

Monogram Vernis

Monogram ‘Vernis,’ meaning varnish in French, was introduced in 1998 by Marc Jacobs and is a smooth patent leather embossed with the signature monogram pattern.

Monogram Mat

While similar to Monogram Vernis, Monogram Mat is the matte version and lacks the shine and luster of its sibling.


This leather is widely used among newer models for a more subtle nod to the brand. While the monogram pattern is the same it is perforated, and not printed, into the leather with pinpoint precision.


This is a corrected grain leather, which means it has been sanded and buffed to remove any imperfections and then imprinted with a new grain. This is currently only used for Louis Vuitton’s men’s products.

Taurillon Leather

The most understated of the Louis Vuitton leathers, this particular option does not have monogramming or marks other than the foil stamp. This leather is fairly soft but has a tendency to wear if not cared for delicately.


A common material much like Taurillon leather, Calfskin is used in more subtle luxury pieces such as the Lockme and Louise lines.

Damier Infini

This is one of the more popular leathers for men’s pieces in the LV line of products. It is embossed with the classic Damier pattern.

Less Common Exterior Materials


Typically used for summer pieces of the past for women, denim has made a resurgence with Virgil Abloh at the helm of men’s creative.

Damier Carbone

Damier Carbone is a limited edition material created when the brand released a luggage in collaboration with BMW's i8. It was only released for Louis Vuitton’s men’s collection items and is constructed with a unique carbon fiber coated canvas.

Utah Leather

Limited to men’s products, this leather is thick yet luxurious but is incredibly sensitive to wear with constant use.


This is the patent version of Mahina leather and has only been made available for the L and XL hobo.

Monogram Taïgarama

Recently debuted for Spring/Summer 2019, Taïgarama pairs the brand’s Taïga leather in neon and classic hues with matching monogrammed canvas.

Exotics: Crocodile, Python, Ostrich

Not for the faint of heart, pieces that typically feature exotics in the Louis Vuitton lineup are in a price bracket all their own. These exceptional items may be entirely constructed of or feature elements of any of these materials.

Interior Materials

Louis Vuitton has kept it simple when it comes to its interior lining materials. This is not to say there hasn’t been a myriad of color variations and patterns, but these are the most common lining options.

Alcantra Microfiber


Cross-grain Leather



There are few options when it comes to trim accents for Louis Vuitton. They often use the same material or leather as the main body of the bag, or they use contrasting trim of untreated vachetta. Vachetta turns a deep honey color with age and the more durable coated leather may be used for items that would be subjected to more wear and tear.

Vachetta Leather

Coated Leather

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