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A Guide to Holiday
Gifting with Jelena Cikoja

By Isabelle E. Dec 10, 2020

Rebag & Jelena Cikoja

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, we know it can get a little

overwhelming. That’s why we partnered with Jelena Cikoja, also known as @jelena.marija on Instagram, to guide you in your shopping this holiday season. As a tastemaker with impeccable style, Jelena is a trustworthy shopping adviser. We asked her to share her favorite holiday gift ideas from to make this year’s holiday shopping experience a bit easier.


Rebag & Jelena Cikoja

You picked many exceptional items for your gift guide. Tell us about your top three favorites and why you chose them?

Jelena: Going through the whole page and selecting all my favorites was so much fun! But narrowing it down to 3 is actually hard! 

  1. I love the Chanel brooch a lot. It’s such an easy way to upscale a simple blazer or sweater. The same goes for the gold Chanel belt I am wearing in the photos. I just love it!
Chanel CC Brooch Crystal and Metal
Chanel Vintage Medallion Chain Belt Metal 100

2. The black Bottega Veneta pouch is a true investment piece. I love the nude colors too, but I think the black is just a winner. It’s also less sensitive since it’s dark.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch Leather Large

3. Probably not something I can afford anytime soon, but I just simply fell in love with it: The Rolex Oyster with a black dial. It’s so beautiful, and I love a larger face on a woman’s wrist. Oooh, let a girl dream 🙂

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Automatic Watch Ceramic and Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold 40

Which item would you want to gift to your significant other?

Jelena:  Well, if I got myself the beautiful Rolex above, I would definitely get him one to match 😉


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Automatic Watch Cerachrom and Stainless Steel 40

I was pleasantly surprised by how many incredible items for men I found on Rebag! [My partner] Joe loves duffle bags and loves an organized portfolio bag, so I would choose one of these options for sure: this Saint Laurent Portfolio, or this Louis Vuitton Keepall

Saint Laurent Portfolio Clutch Crocodile Embossed Leather
Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag Epi Leather 50

Which item would you want to gift to yourself?

Jelena: This dreamy brown Birkin would be a companion I can see myself wearing for years and years throughout all seasons. If this hat was available in my size, I would definitely gift it to myself to keep me warm in New York’s icy winter months.


Hermes HAC Birkin Bag Natural Vache Natural with Gold Hardware 32
Louis Vuitton Chapkalaska Trapper Aviator Hat Shearling XS

But besides everything I have mentioned above (haha!), I’m really liking PVC designer bags lately, and I found this cute one from Chanel. Adding a pop of color to your wardrobe is so much fun. It definitely makes you think of spring and summer, which I am already looking forward to.

Chanel Coco Splash Flap Bag Quilted PVC With Lambskin Medium

Do you think it’s better to gift, or to receive?

Jelena: Both! Gifting is so much fun! Especially when I hear someone mention what they would love, or I see something weeks before, and I write it into my notes. But if I don’t have a particular note about someone, it can be tricky, and I stress myself a little to find the perfect gift. I’m definitely an overthinker.

Receiving a gift is not only exciting, but the simple fact that someone takes the time to think of you and what you may love or need is just so beautiful and thoughtful in itself.

Rebag & Jelena Cikoja

Editor’s note: Some answers were slightly edited for clarity