Find your fit:
the birkin

By Koyaana R. Oct 11, 2019

Welcome to Find Your Fit, a series dedicated to helping you decide

which handbag size works best for you. We’re featuring the Birkin in its most popular sizes, creating a visual comparison of what can realistically fit into each.

The original sketch of the now-coveted accessory was drawn on an air sickness bag back in 1984. In this video, we feature the 25cm, the 30cm, and the 35cm options to give you an idea of what daily items fit best to help you find what size fits your lifestyle.

What Fits?

Phone The 25cm items+ The 25cm items+
Keys & coin purse Makeup brush The 30cm items+
Wallet Face powder Water bottle
Airpods Cosmetic bag E-book reader
Small Notebook Perfume Polaroid camera
Hand cream Orange Face wipes
Vitamins Airpods