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Businesswoman, model, fashion designer — there’s nothing our fifth Style Assembly member can’t do. Nicky Hilton Rothschild has been a fixture of American fashion for two decades and counting with her expert style and of course, her dazzling handbag collection.

Nicky Hilton holds a Fendi Vitello Dolce Flowers
and Bows Scalloped Micro Double Baguette.

We’ve watched Nicky Hilton’s flawless style evolve over the years, but one thing has remained the same — her handbag game has always been unmatched. From multicolor monogram Louis Vuittons to countless Hermès Kelly handbags, Nicky has a collection that we can’t help but fawn over. If there were such a thing as handbag heaven, she could be living in it. That’s why we asked Nicky to join our Style Assembly to curate a collection of her favorite Rebag accessories and talk to us about what it’s like to be a handbag connoisseur. Read on to get to know the iconic Nicky Hilton and the handbags she carries along the way.

“How you dress is your calling card. Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Do you remember your first luxury handbag? What was it?

Nicky: Of course. I saved up a few weeks of allowance to buy the classic Kate Spade tote in black canvas. I still remember walking over to Saks on 5th Avenue and so proudly purchasing it.


What is your favorite handbag investment piece in your closet?

Nicky: I do love my black Hermès Kelly. I get a lot of use out of it. It goes with everything and is totally timeless.


What’s one luxury accessory you would recommend everyone invest in?

Nicky: A luxe everyday carryall in a neutral color like black or camel. Any investment pieces that will stand the test of time.


What does personal style mean to you?

Nicky: It’s a form of expression. How you dress is your calling card. Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak.

Nicky Hilton with accessories from the limited edition Grace Coddington and Louis Vuitton collaboration.

“Handbags are my #1 weakness…
more than shoes or jewelry.”

A blue jean Kelly has been on my wish list for forever.
It’s my favorite shade of blue.”

Guesstimate the number of handbags in your closet.

Nicky: I don’t have a head count. A lot. Handbags are my #1 weakness… more than shoes or jewelry.


You have so many handbags. What do you do with them when they’ve run their course in your wardrobe?

Nicky: I keep all my classics. I put special ones in storage to give to my daughters when they are older. I also give away ones that I’m not using a lot… to friends, family, or charity.


You curated a collection of the chicest accessories for summer from Rebag. Can you share your top five favorite pieces and why you chose them?

1) The Bvlgari Serpenti watch is so fabulous. It’s more like a piece of jewelry. It’s a real showstopper — especially in the white with a golden suntan.

2) A blue jean Kelly has been on my wish list for forever. It’s my favorite shade of blue.

3) The multicolor logo LV bags bring me back to such a fun and carefree time of my life. The bag is bright, colorful, and happy. It’s basically synonymous with the early 2000s.

4) The wicker Collier de Chien is a great accessory. It’s a rarer piece. I’ve never seen anyone besides my mother with it on. I love a wicker moment!

5) I’m a crazy cat lady so naturally I die for any feline motif. I’m constantly scouting for new kitty gear. The LV cat wallet makes me smile.