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Phoebe Philo’s
Most Iconic Handbags

By Ann B, Jul 13, 2021

Phoebe Philo’s Most Iconic Handbags

Phoebe Philo’s sought-after approach to fashion is back.

With the announcement of the beloved fashion designer’s return to fashion with her LVMH-backed brand, her fans, known as Philophiles, can rejoice. Rebag travels from her time at Chloé to her years at Céline to take a look back at her most iconic handbags.

It’s been three years — and to some, three excruciatingly long ones — since Phoebe Philo released a collection. The cult of Phoebe Philo, also known as “Philophiles,” can rejoice — the beloved designer has announced that she’s coming back. Philo will be the majority stakeholder in her own label, with French luxury conglomerate LVMH taking a minority ownership. 

“Being in my studio and making once again has been both exciting and incredibly fulfilling,” Philo told The Business of Fashion. “I am very much looking forward to being back in touch with my audience and people everywhere. To be independent, to govern and experiment on my own terms is hugely significant to me.”

After working under Stella McCartney at Chloé, Philo took over the job from 2001 to 2006. LVMH tapped Philo to revive Céline in 2008, where she introduced a number of now-iconic handbags over the course of nearly a decade until 2017. Philo brought a functional and minimal approach to fashion, becoming the thinking woman’s designer if you will. Let’s not forget Céline’s casting of literary icon Joan Didion in a 2015 campaign. Philo may be keeping mum about the debut date of her new clothing label, but until then, you can shop her classic designs here as Rebag takes a look back at Philo’s most popular handbags.

2005: Chloé Paddington

Chloé Paddington

Philo launched the Chloé Paddington, her first It bag in 2005. The handbag sparked a frenzy, causing The Telegraph to dub it “the most wanted accessory in the history of the fashion business.”

2006: Chloé Edith

Chloé Edith

Philo drew from Chloé’s equestrian roots when designing the roomy Edith satchel. Originally debuted in 2006, current Chloé creative director Gabriela Hearst rereleased it for Fall 2021. 


Philo unveiled the first of three bag styles that are now synonymous with her time at Céline: the Cabas, the Luggage, and the Classic Box.

2009: Céline Luggage Bag

Céline Luggage Bag

Practical yet sculptural, the Luggage Bag carries quite a lot for an everyday handbag.

2009: Céline Classic Box

Céline Classic Box

“I felt it was time for a more back to reality approach to fashion,” Philo told Vogue’s Mark Holgate at the time. The Classic Box is a functional, minimal crossbody that goes with everything.

2009: Céline Cabas

Céline Cabas

The Cabas offers simple, clean lines, and a practical approach.


2010: Céline Trapeze

Céline Trapeze

2010 saw the release of the Trapeze bag, carrying the winged sides
which would become a Philo signature.


2011: Céline Phantom

Céline Phantom

Unlike the Luggage, the Phantom has a wider wingspan and base, and comes in two sizes as opposed to the Luggage, which has three.

2011: Céline Trio

Céline Trio

Philo released the Trio, a simple, compact crossbody bag with three compartments, for Spring 2011.


2014: Céline Belt Bag

Céline Belt Bag

Created for Spring 2015, the Celine Belt bag features a more pared-down approach unlike the Phantom and the Luggage. 


2017: Céline Frame

Céline Frame

Unveiled for Resort 2017, the rectangular, two-toned Céline Frame carries a border around the bag.