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By Isabelle E. Apr 8, 2021

Rebag & ShesThePosh

Because no one has better taste than our community of 

luxury-lovers, we’re excited to start a special edition of our Share & Tell series highlighting you – yes, you – our valued collectors.

On this month’s edition of Share & Tell, we have Jess of @ShesThePosh, a handbag fanatic with an eye for luxury. From the Hermès Birkin to the Christian Dior Book Tote, Jess’ collection truly has it all, and we’re excited she opened up her closet doors to share it with us. Read on to get some serious handbag envy…

Rebag & ShesThePosh

Describe your style in three words…

Jess: Timeless, Fun, Unique

Rebag & ShesThePosh

What started your love of luxury?

Jess: Hours of looking through Vogue

Rebag & ShesThePosh

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Jess: Vintage LV Noe from 1989

Rebag & ShesThePosh

What is your absolute dream bag?

Jess: Hermès Kelly 20 Sellier Shiny Black Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware

Rebag & ShesThePosh

Which bag would you invest in this season?

Jess: Prada Nylon

Rebag & ShesThePosh

What’s one tip for someone starting their own luxury collection?

Jess: Invest in what you love, not what people tell you to love.

Rebag & ShesThePosh

The best part about shopping luxury resale is…

Jess: It’s great for the environment and your wallet!

You can follow Jess on Instagram to stay up-to-date on her growing collection! If you or someone you know shop at Rebag and want to be featured in our Share & Tell series, just shoot us a message below.