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Spring 2021
Accessories Report

By Taylor M, Apr 14, 2021

Rebag & Lauren Singer

The colors and shapes of Spring Accessories heading into SS 2021

are indicative of the overall hopefulness for what is to come on the other side of Covid-19. In 2020, plans were put on hold and so was any form of dressing up, since we were mostly confined to our homes, but this Summer, shoppers and designers alike are anticipating a return to vibrancy.

An Overview on Color Trends

To match our gradual emergence from the darkness that is Covid-19 and staying at home, colors for Spring are looking exceptionally bright. It only makes sense coming from our current climate that fashionistas are looking for purified versions of colors to make a statement and elevate the mood. Perhaps designers are showing us their hopefulness for the summer, too, since we daydream now more than ever about open skies and traveling to warm destinations once again. Or maybe it’s a way for us to fake it until we actually make it there- either way we could use all the positivity we can get. Noteworthy hues will be tactfully immersed into the vibes of Spring collections: pure green (because it sits exactly between blue and yellow on the color wheel), mango, lime green, and yellow-green, early 2000’s Paris-Hilton pink, tangerine, scarlet, and cobalt blue. The color palette of Spring 2021 is here to help us escape reality and remind us to keep an eye on the horizon.


Handbags: Go Mini or Go Maxi

Oversized Bottega Bag
Oversized Bottega bag, courtesy
Micro Jacquemus bags
Jacquemus Chiquitos, courtesy of Spotted Fashion

Without a doubt, in the last five years (at least) the early aughts have fought their way into our present-day. Extreme times require extreme measures, which are now being taken in fashion, much like the early 2000s saw in design trends. Hot handbags seem to fall on micro and maxi levels. Things are either teeny-tiny or enormous in terms of apparel, bags, and other accessories. The over/undersized trend took off this winter and we fully expect it to be adapted to Spring. Brands like Bottega Venetta have proven that it is possible to be a minimalist on the outside and a maximalist on the inside, simply by wearing a sleek bag that has the capacity to hold everything but the kitchen sink within its buttery, leather walls. 

On the flipside of larger-than-life bags, the micro bag trend is far from dead. Just as a giant designer handbag shows off with its sheer volume and can’t be missed, a ridiculously mini version says almost the same thing in the fact that it screams that it has less functionality and still costs an arm and a leg. In contrast to a carryall bag, a tiny handbag is styled as an embellishment rather than meant to serve a practical function. 

For handbag materials, we can expect to see the two far ends in terms of texture. Minimalist styles will feature either structured bags with flat surfaces, or busier prints and striking textures. Think about it, everyone has been producing their own spin on the Bottega intrecciato weave, even brands recognized for their originality such as The Row. Consumers want interesting structures with simple, quality materials, or they want simple structures with loud texture and print. There is no in-between. We’ll be seeing a lot of crochet, undoubtedly rattan and wicker, in addition to sleek but boldly colored and constructed bags. 


Trending Accessories

Gucci Sunglasses Eyewear Campaign
 Gucci Eyewear Campaign Photo

In the realm of smaller accessories, the cheeriness continues with colored lens sunglasses with vintage-inspired frames. Vintage 90s and 2000s trends will be popular into summer, so again both small frames and huge frames will be in. In light of the constant need for facial coverings to protect our health, masks, wrap scarves, headscarves, and other face and head coverings will be reimagined for Spring. Another key trend that we will see move from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer are “Survival Couture” which includes survival-inspired harnesses, canteens or water bottle holders, flasks, and more. Tech accessories will also run into the harness trend, finding new and hip ways to store our phones and AirPods. 

Balenciaga Accessory
 Balenciaga Tech Accessory for SS2021

Trending Jewelry

Looking at Spring 2020, color will be a huge factor in Jewelry as well. Bright beads and stones will show up just in time to mimic the fresh blooms. As for silhouettes, chunky is the name of the game for statement jewelry – especially chains. Heavy metal will be used in abstract shapes to add some fun to our bling, and instead of smooth surfaces expect to see some metal that is more on the textured side. Nature will be a theme, probably because we all have a newfound appreciation for the outdoors due to being confined to our homes for so long. The natural trend will manifest in freshwater pearls, beach beads, as well as animal and plant motifs. 

Logos, as we saw appear on earrings with Raf Simons’ joining Miuccia at Prada, are also appearing on jewelry and are expected to show up in the Spring. In this spirit, it could be smart to grab a vintage pair of Chanel CC clip-ons before the season starts, or flaunt the iconic Prada triangle logo as a dangly earring. 

Long necklaces are appearing to make a comeback after a few years of seemingly nothing but chokers from the early aughts (which we still are hoping and expecting to see, since the trends of that decade are still in effect). Designers have reintroduced long necklaces with metal mesh kiss lock pouches and other materials including leather will be added into the mix. 

Mismatched earrings and earring sets will be all the rage in the Spring, pairing multiple piercings asymmetrically. Designers are issuing single earrings as well as multiples in sets that can be arranged in all sorts of manners. Earrings will also grow in length this summer, all the way to the shoulder as seen on Ulla Johnson, Balenciaga, and Isabelle Marant. 

Regardless of things warming up for Spring, jewelry trends are looking icy in terms of gems. Diamonds are the sparkle of choice going into SS2021 and it’s perhaps due to a combination of the value that diamonds communicate in terms of resale investment and our fantasies as we escape into binging shows, like “Bridgerton” and “The Crown.”

Necklace bag
Bags as necklaces, courtesy of Loewe

Trending Watches 

Timepieces for Spring are becoming exclusive as an incentive for buyers. Boutique-exclusives are a marketing trend that is on the rise among watchmakers, as a way of encouraging customers to come out to the stores. In these times, the limited availability of these items creates an investment element that customers see as a valuable purchase that they can profit off of later on. To go off of the sensible investment notion, basics and classics will be on the up this Spring and into 2021 in general as people seek out quality staples that truly meet their money’s worth. This being said, according to, the prices of the big-name watchmakers have been on a gradual rise. This means that buying and selling brands like Cartier and Rolex at resale could be an affordable investment for consumers looking to make a well-thought-out purchase without paying the price for brand-new.  

In contrast to the idea that basics will be in for fine watches, colors will be a major theme in the realm of Fashion Watches from brands like Gucci and Chanel. As usual in this sector of the watch market, there is a lot more room for adventurous shapes and designs, which we fully expect to see come into the spotlight as we go into the Spring of 2021. Look out for some of the jewelry trends we mentioned earlier, such as chunky chains and geometric shapes pop up in your favorite house’s timepieces as well!

Joe Biden wearing Rolex Datejust
Joe Biden wearing a Rolex Datejust to his inauguration, courtesy of Getty Images