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Style Assembly Spotlight:
Summer Albarcha

By Isabelle E, Apr 27, 2021

Rebag & Summer Albarcha

Meet Style Assembly member Summer Albarcha.

The modest style expert and social entrepreneur inspires over half-a-million followers who look to her for perfectly crafted outfits and eye-catching accessories. We chatted with Summer and her mother Maysa, who informed her love of fashion. In honor of Mother’s Day, the duo discussed style, family heirlooms, and presented their dazzling collection of must-have Rebag pieces.


Tell us a bit about how you got started in the world of fashion…

Summer: In 2012, I discovered the hashtag #modestfashion as Instagram came out, and felt so inspired by the global community worldwide that I wanted to contribute to it in my own style. I always felt underrepresented as a teenager interested in fashion and knew that social media could be a way to connect with like-minded women around the world. I constantly shared tips online and advocated for modest fashion to become more mainstream, which eventually led me to my first partnered trip and speech at Fashion Forward Dubai in 2014 (at the age of 18!), and it taught me the importance of having purpose in the world of fashion.


How have you both inspired the other in terms of personal style?

Summer: Of course, growing up, my mom taught me everything I know. It all started with the matching outfits and accessories from Gymboree and Talbots Kids (right!?). I learned the value of seeking high-quality fabrics and how to dress for my body type as a teenager going through awkward growth phases. She always went out of her way to make sure I could express my personality and confidence through clothing, and her constant reminder was that the best style consisted of the inside being even more beautiful than the outside. 

As I have gotten older, I influence my mom in trends that are more led by the internet, ranging from the latest scarf styles to denim cuts to popular colors and patterns. I have encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and incorporate style inspiration from our global travels together. Now that we’re both adults, it’s easier to catch us in the same pieces — especially when I am sharing my PR gifting with her!

Rebag & Summer Albarcha

What is one piece you would steal from your mother’s closet? What is one piece you would pass down as a family heirloom?

Summer: One piece I would steal from my mother’s closet is her first headscarf (or hijab). She made the decision to wear it fully on her trip to Istanbul in her early 20s and purchased a beautiful square silk scarf from a bazar owner that she still treasures to this day (and is quite popular now!).

Mama Albarcha: I would pass down a gold charm bracelet my father-in-law gifted me for my wedding. We went to a shop in Damascus, Syria, together to pick it out before he passed away, and it’s something I cherish and would like his granddaughters to have.

If you could gift the other any luxury piece from Rebag, what would it be and why?

Summer: I would pick out this Bvlgari watch for my mom because it’s minimal yet classy, and she prefers subtle luxury pieces that she can wear on repeat.

Mama Albarcha: I would pick out this pink Chanel bag for Summer because it is flattering for her skin tone and is very feminine yet sophisticated, which to me is her style. 

Rebag & Summer Albarcha

You both selected some lovely accessories for your exclusive curated collection. Can you each share your top three favorite items and why you chose them?



Mama Albarcha: 

Rebag & Summer Albarcha

Finally, how do you both plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

Summer: I always start the day by sending my mom spring flowers from my favorite local floral shop in Saint Louis. We typically spend the day having a brunch party at our house with all the moms in our extended family, such as my grandma, aunts, cousins, and more. We also celebrate the elderly women in our family who may not have children but are like a mother to us all. We exchange presents and open them in front of everyone as a small token of our appreciation!