The 2021 Bag Trends That
Will Continue Into 2022

By The Rebag Team, Dec 24, 2021

Christian Dior x Rebag

Want to know which
bags will continue trending in 2022?

Look no further, Rebag’s handbag experts looked back at the trends that were popular in 2021 and forecasted which ones will carry on in 2022. So go ahead and splurge on your next luxury find.

Neutral Colors

You can’t go wrong with neutral tones —
they blend in with everything and match practically any ensemble.

Electric Pop

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe and make a daring
and colorful statement with these boldly-hued bags.

The Fluid Bag

Handbags aren’t just for females anymore; these days they can be worn
by any gender, whether you go by she, he, or they.

The 2000s

Thanks to revivals of popular 2000s shows like Sex and the City
and Gossip Girl, these aughts-style bags are trending again.

Frame Bags

Unapologetically elegant, these pretty as a picture vintage-style
frame bags originally gained popularity in the ‘50s.

Pillow Bags

Soft and squishy like a cloud, these puffy pillow bags are a
comforting accessory to hold in your hand.

The Timeless Classics

These handbags have stood the test of time.
There’s a reason why these timeless classics never go out of style.