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5 Tiffany & Co. Pieces
Worth the Investment

By The Rebag Team, Sep 23, 2021

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Tiffany & Co. is under a massive overhaul this year.

There’s nothing like opening a Tiffany blue box. LVMH officially acquired Tiffany & Co, the jewelry house founded by Charles Tiffany, in January 2021, and changes are on the way for the legendary American jewelry house. Tiffany & Co. tapped Jay-Z and Beyoncé as ambassadors and launched a “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany” ad campaign, signaling a new exciting era at the staid American luxury brand. Looking for the best Tiffany jewelry? Read on for the best Tiffany & Co. pieces worth your investment.

Elsa Perretti Bone Cuff Bracelet

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The legendary model, Halston muse, and jewelry designer Elsa Peretti not only brought back Tiffany silver jewelry, she created the now-iconic Bone Cuff Bracelet in 1974. Inspired by her visits to a Capuchin crypt in Rome and the undulating lines of Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Milà in Barcelona, the Bone Cuff comes in a number of precious metals. According to Clair, the bracelet retains an average 102% of its retail value — the highest resale value, and a sure thing.

Victoria Drop Earrings

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Tiffany only employs the most skilled diamond buyers — hello, remember the iconic Tiffany diamond? Introduced to highlight the dazzle and sparkle of the house’s diamonds, the Tiffany Victoria collection displays the house’s mastery of intricate cuts and innovative settings. The Victoria Drop earrings, made with quality diamonds of exquisite quality, average 91% of their retail value on the resale market, making them a good bet and a good reason to open that iconic blue box. 

T Wire Bracelet

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Marked by the perpendicular lines of the letter T — for Tiffany, of course — the Tiffany T collection takes the letter T, a signature house code, incorporating it in a number of bracelets, earrings, and more. The T Wire bracelets are a good investment, averaging 87% of their retail value on the secondary market.

Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Stamp Pendant Necklace

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Paloma Picasso searches for inspiration from a variety of sources, like the graffiti in the New York subway system in the ‘80s, and olive tree leaves. The Loving Heart Stamp is no exception, and with a value retention of 86%, it’s also a wise investment.

Twist Knot Stud Earrings

Christian Dior x Rebag

Talk about Tiffany and Co. — with a twist! The Tiffany Twist collection made its debut in 2011, and a decade later it still holds up to its retail value. This piece of jewelry holds 85% of its retail value on average.