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By Koyaana R. April 23, 2019

One of the newer accessories on the market for handbags

is the base shaper. With many options and sizes out there, you may be wondering: should I get one? Do I need one? What kind should I get? What size should I get? We explore the purpose of base shapers to help you answer these questions and determine if they are the right accessories for you.

Do I Need A Base Shaper?

First and foremost, base shapers are not a necessary handbag accessory. Base shapers provide a more aesthetic purpose when a bag is in use. When deciding if a base shaper is best for your bag, there are a few things to think about. First, think about the construction of your bag. If your bag is rigid or stiff and holds its shape well when filled with items, you don’t need a base shaper or bag shaper. However, foldable and soft bags, such as duffles, totes, and various hobos, bags that lose their shape when filled, are bags that could benefit from base shapers, which are great at adding structure to your bag.

What Material Should My Base Shaper Be Made Of?

There are several options of base shapers available with the most common materials being acrylic, leather, and microfiber. The solid acrylic base shapers tend the be the most popular due to their versatility and see-through feature. However, the edges of the acrylic are not covered and can cause wear to the interior fabric of your bag if used for extended periods of time. Leather and microfiber base shaper options utilize a plastic or acrylic core covered with the preferred fabric in various color options. It’s important to note that colored base shapers may cause color transfer if it does not match the interior coloring of your bag.

What Size Base Shaper Do I Need?

Most base shapers are sized to fit popular handbag models, but make sure that you pick the appropriate size base shaper for your bag. If a base shaper is too small, it won’t function in handbags the way it’s intended. If it is too large, you risk unnecessary stress on the material of your bag which could lead to tearing or misshaping. If you are unable to find the right size base shaper for your handbag, there are several options that are customizable to fit your needs.

How Is A Base Shaper Different Than A Purse Organizer?

Base shapers are designed specifically for the purpose of providing a solid base to soft bottom handbags, whereas purse organizers add overall support, shape, and organization to bags. Both base shapers and purse organizers can be used in conjunction with one another for your handbags, however purse organizers take up more interior space and can be bulky.

Overall, depending on what your base needs are for your particular bag, base shapers are a useful option for making your handbag more rigid and they help them keep their shape when in use. Base shapers are in demand, easy to find, and made to make your handbags hold their shape. We anticipate that they will continue to rise in popularity as handbag designs become less structured and more relaxed.