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Bottega Veneta 101:
The Jodie Bag

By Taylor M. Jan 11, 2021

Bottega Veneta The BV Jodie Hobo

In the time after Bottega Veneta was handed over to

 Daniel Lee, a noticeable frenzy had formed around his stealthily stylish handbags. The Jodie bag silhouette in particular is a perfect marriage of the brand’s core attributes and modern-day, which appeals to the side of the handbag market that is craving a low-key luxury aesthetic over logo-heavy trends at the moment.


How The Jodie Came to Be

The luxury market has teetered on the threshold of logo-heavy products and quality materials since the nineties, tilting slightly to one side depending on trend fluctuations. As a result of this back and forth, the definition of luxury itself has changed immensely and may even vary depending on who you ask. While the logomania trend of the early aughts is making a comeback with brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, some handbag lovers are opting for something else: clean and minimal structure and quality. At the forefront of this idea, Bottega Veneta offers its Jodie bag, encompassing the brand’s iconic woven pattern with an up-to-the-minute design. 

It’s said that the Jodie didn’t have its name from birth, but adopted the title in response to a press photo of Jodie Foster using her Bottega bag as a shield from an unprompted photo-op. The bag had recently aired in stores in early January of 2020, and a year later its success speaks for itself, even in a global pandemic. The Jodie has been one of the most frequently seen it-bags on Instagram in 2020 and into 2021, despite the mysterious self-removal of Bottega’s social accounts just before the publishing of this article. It’s evident that the brand doesn’t need to promote the handbag itself, and the disappearance of its social accounts (whether long-term or temporary) could be a direct indicator of that success.

Jodie Foster Bottega Veneta Bag

Jodie Foster hiding behind a Bottega Hobo, Source Unknown

Sizes, Materials & Colors

As a present take on the quintessential Bottega Veneta hobo, the Jodie has become the staple handbag of the day. Although the Pouch by Bottega has also been a huge hit in previous years, the Jodie has an even more understated elegance that can carry it forward in handbag collections for years to come. The bag elevates the original Bottega hobo, maintaining the shape of the bag while adding a knot at the side of the handle to offset the structure with intrecciato woven leather. The bag is an exceptional element in Bottega’s offering with its simultaneously classic and contemporary feel, a nod to the heritage of the brand. Shoppers can opt for any one of the color choices offered, which range from basic black and beige to neons and pastels.

The Maxi Jodie

For those looking for a larger-than-life handbag meant to be worn instead of held, the Maxi is the answer. The Maxi has a fantastic oversized look that becomes the pinpoint in an outfit. Allow the Jodie to become the star asset of any look while it hangs on the shoulder or across the body.

Bottega Veneta Maxi Jodie

Maxi Jodie on Bottega Veneta’s Site

The Medium Jodie

The Medium Jodie supplies practicality in its not-too-big size, while still being able to house your favorite everyday items. The bag is unique with its shape and texture, but optimum functionality comes with this size. The Medium Jodie is ideal if you’re looking for a bag to grab on your way effortlessly, because it’s what one would call a statement staple. There is also a slightly smaller standard version, which is just called “The Jodie” – according to Bottega’s website, The Jodie is about 2-3 inches smaller than the Medium.

Bottega Veneta Medium Jodie

Medium Jodie on Bottega Veneta’s Site

The Mini Jodie

In true #NewBottega style, the Mini Jodie tastefully serves today’s trends. With mini bags being all the rage, the Mini Jodie catapults that trend into the modern-day with its refined form. Since it’s smaller, it looks like a mini shoulder bag with a somewhat baguette shape that is in line with the latest baguette silhouette trend. It’s best held in hand or on the crook of your arm.

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

Mini Jodie on Bottega Veneta’s Site