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Which Size Louis Vuitton

Neverfull Should You Buy

By The Rebag Team, Dec. 1, 2023


An Impeccable Selection



Deciding on the right Louis Vuitton Neverfull can be simple when you know what to take into account. The French luxury maison offers an array of pieces that cater to every taste, and selecting the perfect fit is essential to ensure both comfort and style. In this article, we will explore the sizes available for Louis Vuitton’s coveted Neverfull bag. Read on to figure out which size is right for you depending on the model that appeals to you.


Which Size Louis Vuitton Neverfull Should You Buy

The perfect Neverfull for you depends on you personal choices and style:


PM (Petite Modèle)

The most compact version of the Neverfull, the Petit Modèle (“Small Model” in English) measures 11.4’’ L x 8.7’’ H x 5.1’’ W. The PM has a handle drop of 6.5 inches. This tote can be worn on the arm, shoulder, or carried by hand. While it is the smallest version available, it remains a capacious handbag that can fit a tablet, a wallet, makeup bag, phone, and more.

MM (Moyen Modèle)

The Moyen Modèle (“Middle Model” in English) is the medium-sized Neverfull. This iteration measures 12.6″ L x 11.4″ H x 6.7″ W, with an 8-inch handle drop. This Louis Vuitton tote can be carried on the shoulder, arm, or by hand. Its roomy interior can store a small laptop, sweater, makeup bag, wallet, keys, phone, and more.

GM (Grand Modèle)

The largest Neverfull available, the Grand Modèle (“Large Model” in English) is the largest of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bags. This version measures approximately 15.7″ L x 13.0″ H x 7.9″ W, with an 8-inch handle drop. Extra spacious and versatile, the GM can fit practically anything you put in it, and works great as a carry-on when traveling.