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Handbag 101:
Cards, cash, and coins

By Koyaana R. March 9, 2020

If you’re in need of a little organizational help

when it comes to your hard-earned money, Rebag has you covered. Our wide selection may be a bit daunting but this breakdown will help you determine which one is your best bet. 


The smallest option of the wallets, the cardholder is ideal for those who typically only carry cards, or need a slim silhouette to slide into a handbag for a night out. This is also a great option for men to slip into their back pocket without creating bulk.

Key Pouch

A simple and easy piece for those who don’t often carry a bag but need a place for their important items. not only is this convenient and functional but it also easily fits into small bags or even a Wallet On Chain (WOC).

Coin Purse/Card Case

Typically an accordion-style wallet that is just slightly larger to accommodate ten or more cards, the coin purse, or card case, has either a zip around or snap closure.

Compact Wallet

This compact size falls between a coin purse and a full-size wallet, comes with more room for cash and often includes a compartment for coins. American dollars typically need to be folded to fit as these tend to cater toward Euro bills. Compact wallets are often recreations of popular larger counterparts with zip-around or flap closures being the most common styles.

Bifold Wallet

One of the more versatile options when it comes to styles available for men and women, the bifold wallet is among the more classic wallets on the market. The most common silhouettes are either a compact square or a long rectangle, typically for men and women respectively. Bifold wallets are a slim that easily fits cash and cards but often lacks a place for coins.

Trifold Wallet

Much like the bifold wallet, the trifold wallet is a slim folded option, that comes in compact or long sizes, but also offers a snap closure. Long versions of this type of wallet are intended to accommodate cash and a checkbook, though the latter feature often remains unused.

Zip Around Wallet

As the largest everyday wallet, the zip-around wallet is a style that is offered by most brands. It is quite large and has enough room for 15 or more credit cards, cash, and, in most cases, has a compartment for coins.

Organizer Wallet

This type of wallet is usually used for travel with some options including enough room for up to 20 credit cards, travel documents, cash, coins, and even a day planner or agenda. This is by far the largest wallet option and ideal if a lot of space is needed.