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A mother’s day
Share & tell with Julia Vaughn

By Isabelle E. May 7, 2020


To her 25k Instagram followers, Julia Vaughn is a beacon of style and beauty, but to her children Ursula and Holiday, she’s known as the chicest mom in town. Julia can do it all: content creator, beauty expert, purveyor of vintage, and of course, mother of two adorable daughters. 

To gear up for Mother’s Day, we talked with Julia about fashion, motherhood, life in quarantine, and how she manages to balance it all while still being her effortlessly stylish self.

What have you learned throughout the years when investing your money in valuable pieces? Is there a luxury handbag you’ve ended up saving for?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned when it comes to investing in valuable pieces is to stick to the classics. It’s so easy to get thirsty and spend an ungodly amount of money on these fast fashion trends because it’s what you’re seeing all over your IG feed. I’ve been guilty of it and then felt guilty for it because it’s sitting in my closet right now collecting dust and that money could have been put elsewhere! I work hard for my money so if I do end up splurging, I think long and hard about it and there is definitely saving involved. I have a black vintage Chanel satchel that I saved up for months to get but there’s zero remorse because it’s a timeless piece and I’ll pass her onto my daughters.

How do you balance work life as well as being a mother?

Honestly… I don’t know. Every day is different especially now during these trying times. I feel like some days I’m on my A-game – the girls are listening and doing what they’re supposed to be doing, I’m being proactive and getting everything done and then the next day is a complete circus and I go to bed wanting to cry from all the chaos. Then, of course, we have the days where everyone stays in bed in their PJ’s and nothing gets done. My husband Andrew helps with Holiday (or Holi-cray) when I have a deadline to meet and Ursula (kind of) has a homeschool schedule so ultimately, the balance is knowing I did everything in my power to make sure the kids were attended to and my business priorities were met.

Have there been new hobbies or interests you’ve picked up since this shift in staying at home? Anything your children are now interested in?

Painting! We’ve really honed in on our creativity and are basking in it. I think we’re all creatives so I’m not surprised we enjoy it so much but it’s really been such a fantastic pass-time for all of us. Ursula has been super into computer animation and creating new beats/music on Garage Band which has been such a treat. I’m so impressed by her!

Ursula is talented in drawing as seen from her artwork from the reel! Did she pick up her interests in creativity and music from you, perhaps?

She splits her time with me and her dad and is pushed to be/do whatever she’s interested in so I think that environment is really nourishing. Art and music are a huge part of both households so I think she naturally picked up what spoke to her and took it from there herself. Neither one of us would ever discourage her from doing anything creative!

What are some of your favorite designer pieces you own? Do you find your daughter(s) has the same interests as you as well?

I adore my little woven Bottega Veneta clutch I got from Rebag, she’s begging to be taken out and I can’t wait to show her off when this lockdown is lifted! I also have this limited edition Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton bag that has been a staple of mine for years. And yes, both girls love playing dress-up, love playing with my bags, shoes, and jewelry… I’m in so much trouble!

What’s the first thing you’ve been itching to do with the family once things settle?

There are SO many things we miss doing! There’s a great little Japanese yakitori spot we would frequent together as a family ALL THE TIME and we miss it so much! We’ll probably eat there every day for a month when this is all over. That and getting manis and pedis with Ursula. We love and miss our mommy/daughter dates!

What has been a piece of advice you share with your daughters as they grow older?

“Life is too important to be taken too seriously” and “be better, not bitter.”