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Handbag 101:

By Koyaana R. April 6, 2019

It’s common that packing for travel can be limiting. 

We are relegated to specific weights and dimensions that can put a damper on packing the bags we think we will get the most use out of. Handbags take up space, especially if you want to protect their shape in a suitcase, but even packing them properly will not protect them from theft while in transit.

Enter: nesting. The goal of nesting is to get as many bags to your destination as possible while occupying the least amount of space.

What is nesting?

Nesting is the practice of placing handbags inside of handbags to maximize their transportability. It is ideal for longer trips where there is a need for several handbags. This method can work for 3-5 bags, potentially more depending on the size of the bags you decide on bringing.

How does it work?

Start with laying out the bags you want to take with you on your journey, and organize them according to size. It is best that each has its own dust bag to prevent interior damage of the bag it will be resting in. Once each bag is in its dust bag, beginning with the smallest, place each bag inside the next largest. There may be cases when a bag doesn’t fit well or perfectly within another; if this is the case, do not force it. If the next largest bag is big enough, the two smallest may both fit inside, side by side. Continue this process until you get to the largest bag, which we’ll refer to as the exterior bag.

Why should I nest?

Where do I put my other essentials?

Once you get to the exterior bag, you will not need the dust bag, as this will be the bag that will carry your other nested handbags. Once you place the rest of your nested bags within the exterior bag, you can also place in other items you need quick access to while traveling, such as your wallet, passport, phone, et cetera.

Nesting is an easy way to transport your bags when your vacation outfits need a few options, and you just can’t decide which ones to take. After all, handbags are meant to be carried and enjoyed. Don’t let them collect dust in your closet. Get the most out of your handbag loves, and bring them on your travels with you!