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The Best Handbags
Gossip Girl

By Isabelle E, Jul 6, 2021

The Best Handbags on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
is back!

A decade after the original Gossip Girl ended, HBO Max is bringing back the series for a highly anticipated reboot. Rebag travels back in history to highlight Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen’s favorite handbags, from the Lady Dior to the Saint Laurent Roady.

The year was 2007. A presidential election was looming, Facebook had just exploded, and we were still using Motorola Razrs to take selfies. But one cultural phenomenon impacted the world of television, music, and above all fashion, as we knew it. September 19th, 2007 introduced a television show that jolted pop culture. That was the beginning of Gossip Girl.

Through six dramatic seasons and 121 addictive episodes, Gossip Girl influenced hundreds of thousands of viewers across the globe. Even after its finale in 2012, the impact of the show remains equivalent to that of classics like Sex And The City or Beverly Hills, 90210. Perhaps the biggest influence the series had was its unforgettable fashion which led to the comeback of headbands, school uniform plaid, and hundreds of replicas of Serena’s gown from the white party episode. 

After almost a decade of being limited to watching re-runs, HBO Max is rebooting the series for a new generation to appreciate. In honor of what is sure to be our next binge-watch, we went through some of the best fashion moments of the original series — so you don’t have to — to create a roundup of the Gossip Girl handbags we’re still obsessing over in 2021.

The Lady Dior

Blair Waldorf Lady Dior

In true Queen B fashion, the Lady Dior was one of Blair Waldorf’s favorite handbags. She is seen carrying different models several times throughout the series, and we think it suits her well, after all, it’s a bag made for a princess!

The Chanel Classic Flap

Blair Waldorf Chanel Classic Flap

No surprises here! The Chanel Classic Flap is just that, a classic, and fits perfectly into Blair’s elegant style choices. We have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be seeing this bag in the reboot, because are you really an Upper East Sider without a Chanel bag?

The Louis Vuitton Alma

Serena van der Woodsen Louis Vuitton Alma

As the bohemian fashion icon of the series, Serena van der Woodsen opted for more colorful, larger accessories, as seen here with the green LV Alma that we can’t get out of our heads. She expertly mixes classic designs with a funky flair that just makes sense.

The Saint Laurent Roady

Serena van der Woodsen Saint Laurent Roady

In keeping with the boho theme, the Saint Laurent Roady was a perfect pairing for Serena. We love how she opted for the less popular staples in each designer’s arsenals, and always took style risks with her handbag choices.

The Hermès Birkin

Lily van der Woodsen Hermès Birkin

And we can’t complete a Gossip Girl handbag roundup without closing with the iconic Lily van der Woodsen’s Hermès Birkin. Lily wore Birkins several times throughout the show, including a rare ostrich model that the brand no longer sells. It makes perfect sense that Gossip Girl’s powerful matriarch toted around one of the most powerful handbags in the world, still, we can’t help but be jealous of a fictional character.