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 The Handbags of
And Just Like That…

By Isabelle E, Feb 4, 2022

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Season one of And Just Like That… may be over…

 …but we’ll be thinking about the fashion for more than a New York minute. HBO Max’s reboot of the iconic series Sex and the City has wrapped up its first season. Much like the original series, And Just Like That… was packed full of drama from death to divorce, but at Rebag, we’re much more interested in the handbags that stole the spotlight.

Over 20 years later, HBO finally answered our prayers by bringing back our favorite fashion icons. Although much has changed in the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, one thing remains true — their style is still among the best on television. This is especially true of their handbag choices in the reboot. From Dior to Fendi, the handbags of And Just Like That… did not disappoint. Scroll through our recap below to see what we mean.