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Louis Vuitton Alma

Legend has it that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel requested the handbag that would become the Louis Vuitton Alma as a special order in 1925. Gaston-Louis Vuitton designed the iconic handbag with a top handle and dome-shaped silhouette in 1934. Read on to learn more about the Nano, BB, PM, MM, and GM Louis Vuitton Alma bags. 

By The Rebag Team, August 13, 2022

How to Style
the Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Alma makes a great everyday bag. The Nano and BB are ideal when you need a classic crossbody or even as an evening bag, depending on the bag’s color ad finish. The larger Louis Vuitton Alma bags work well as a bag for the office. The Louis Vuitton Alma goes just as well with a t-shirt and jeans as it does with a suit for work. Click through the gallery for street style inspo.

Side by Side

Louis Vuitton Alma Sizes

Nano Alma 

The smallest of the Alma bags is extremely rare. It measures in at 6.5-inches wide, 5-inches high, and a depth of 3 inches. It has a 2.5-inch handle drop and a strap drop of 22.5 inches, making it a cute little crossbody bag. It can fit a wallet, lip balm, keys, and a phone. 

Alma BB

The second-to-smallest Alma is the BB bag. It’s 9-inches wide, 7.5-inches high, and 4.3-inches deep. It’s a nice and compact crossbody bag with a 20.5-inch strap drop, and 3.5-inch handle drop. It easily fits a phone, wallet, keys, makeup and a little bit more. 

Alma PM

The Alma PM is the medium-sized Louis Vuitton Alma bag. The Alma PM is 12.6-inches wide, 9.8-inches high, and 6.3-inches deep. It holds a small notebook, wallet, keys, phone, and makeup bag. It has a 3-inch handle drop, It has a 3-inch handle drop and an adjustable strap drop of  20 to 23 inches.

Alma MM

The Alma MM is the second-to-largest Louis Vuitton Alma at 13.5-inches wide, 10-inches high, and 6-inches deep. It has a handle drop of 4.5 inches, and because it’s one of the bigger Almas, it does not come with a strap. It can fit a tablet, book, wallet, keys, phone, and cosmetic bag. 

Alma  GM

The Alma GM is the largest Louis Vuitton Alma, measuring in at 15-inches wide, 11.5-inches high, and 7.5-inches deep. It does not come with a strap. The Alma GM’s handle drop is 5 inches.

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