Under the Influence of

By Isabelle E, Jun 9, 2021

Rebag & Bryanboy

Meet Style Assembly member

When we think of the art of influencing, the name Bryanboy instantly comes to mind. From style blogger to Instagram must-follow, and now a TikTok star — the social media legend paved the way. Bryanboy was one of the first of his kind; the original influencer, if you will. 


With a great following comes great responsibility, and Bryan expertly wields his power in the form of mixing light-hearted humor with impeccable fashion. All of this and more is why we asked Bryanboy to be a member of Rebag’s Style Assembly. Bryan graced us with a curated collection of his Rebag favorites and shared his much-valued style wisdom in an exclusive interview. 

Tell us a bit about how you got started in the world of fashion…

Bryanboy: Fashion has always been an interest of mine. From a young age, I grew up geeking over fashion magazines. I was such a nerd back in the day, constantly obsessing over fashion creatives and their work: designers and clothes, photographers, and campaigns and editorials. I really had no idea that I would somehow end up having a career in this industry — fashion was a time-consuming hobby. I wanted to become a doctor but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be! As an adult, the internet provided me with a platform that allowed me to create something for myself and here we are.


What was it like to go from growing up in the Philippines to becoming a jet-setting blogger and influencer?

Bryanboy: I always think it’s incredibly surreal every time I look back. No one can accurately predict what the future holds. All I’ve done is to always enjoy the moment and live in the present. We all hold the keys to our destiny — what’s meant to be will always happen if we put in the time and hard work.

Rebag & Bryanboy

What does personal style mean to you?

Bryanboy: Personal style is a reflection of one’s life! Mine changes all the time depending on where I am in my life! Style is truly personal — fashion is a tool that we all use to communicate a story about ourselves and how we want to be perceived by everyone.

How did you feel when Marc Jacobs named a handbag after you?

Bryanboy: Definitely honored! I’m so grateful and humbled by Marc’s generous gesture. It’s something for the history books — and a moment in my life that I will never ever forget. I actually have the bag in a glass box in my home and I still take it out from time to time. It never gets old! 

Rebag & Bryanboy

What is your favorite investment piece in your closet?

Bryanboy: I always have a soft spot for everything Chanel — a Classic Flap bag never goes out of style and goes along with pretty much anything and everything and is perfecti for all kinds of situations.

Rebag & Bryanboy

What’s one piece you would recommend everyone invest in?

Bryanboy: I highly recommend investing in a piece that would stand the test of time — anything that will give you joy for years and years to come. Many tend to go for the institutional classics in neutral colors while some go for bold, strong statement pieces that are unique, ornate, and will never be repeated/limited edition. Either way, it’s important to think of the long haul — Hermès is always a good idea! I started collecting “à la carte” Hermès bags also known as “special orders” that come with a horseshoe stamp — simply because I can customize my own Hermès bags with details that match my own liking.

What is the next luxury item you have your eye on and why?

Bryanboy: I’m always on the hunt for iconic Dior bags from early to mid-2000s. Believe it or not, they’ve become highly sought-after collectibles! They remind me of my youth when I had very limited resources but now that I’m a grown-up, I want them all!