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Which Cartier Love Bracelet Is Right For You

By The Rebag Team, Sep. 5, 2023

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Which Cartier Love Bracelet Is Right For You

Deciding on the right Cartier Love bracelet can be simple when you know what to take into account. Do you need something versatile to wear on a daily basis, or are you looking for a statement piece to wow at your next social event? Are you in the market for something understated, or perhaps something sparkling and unique? Read on to figure out which Cartier Love bracelet is right for you depending on your personal preferences, your lifestyle — and even your investment mindset.

According To Personal Style


Whether you favor timeless elegance or contemporary flair, Cartier has something for every preference. The first step in choosing a piece that fits your personal style is to consider your wardrobe and overall aesthetic. Do you lean towards classic and traditional styles, prefer more avant-garde and experimental models, or something in between?


For a classic look:The 18k rose gold Cartier Love bracelet is a delicate and refined piece of jewelry that features a single bangle, engraved with the Love screw motif. It is ideal for your day-to-day style.


For a bold statement: The Double Love Bracelet is a bold and glamorous bracelet that presents two interlocking Love bracelets in one, and is sure to complete an audacious look.

A stylish in-between:The Love Chain bracelet features a unique chain link design with two interlocked Love rings, symbolizing eternal love and commitment. It is a meaningful choice, perfect for pairing with summer dresses, or to wear for a romantic date night, but also a great final touch for an otherwise simple look.


According To Lifestyle

Cartier jewelry is more than just an accessory — it’s a statement piece that can accompany you throughout life’s big events, as well as your day-to-day routine. Whether you frequent the hiking trail or the philanthropic gala circuit, Cartier has a diverse range of pieces that cater to different lifestyles. Consider the occasions for which you plan to wear it: do you need a piece that will stay in place regardless of your level of activity, or are you looking for something to carry you from the office to formal gatherings?


Active lifestyle:If you’re always on the go, an uncomplicated piece like the yellow gold Cartier Love bracelet is a great choice. It is easy to wear, secured with screws that can only be opened with a Cartier-issued mini screwdriver, and won’t get in the way of your daily activities.


Professional: If you work in a creative field and want to express your artistic side, the Cartier Open Cuff bracelet is a fantastic choice. Simple yet expressive, it is perfect for the creative professional. If, on the other hand, you need something to fit in a more conservative work environment, you might want to reach for a white gold Love bracelet, simple and elegant enough to match a three-piece suit or a dress with heels.

Trendsetter: If social occasions fill up your schedule, a Love Pavé Diamonds bracelet, perhaps the most luxurious iteration of the Love bracelet, showcases a pavé diamond-studded bangle — it will be an iconic choice that will make a statement.


According To Investment Value

Aside from being a strikingly beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, Cartier jewelry pieces can oftentimes double as wise investments. If you’re searching for a piece that will hold its value over time, the Love bracelet is one of your best options, according to our 2022 Clair Report. A symbol of love and a sound investment, this iconic and popular bracelet holds an impressive 99% of its resale value, meaning that it could potentially be sold for more than its original purchase price.