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Handbag 101: Spot Treatment
Methods For Cleaning

By The Vault. Sep 11, 2020

When it comes to caring for handbags, Rebag knows the best 

practices and products to use. After all, we process, clean, and condition thousands of bags and accessories a week. Just in case our Basic Cleaning Tips don’t work out, our Spot Treatments Guide is packed with even more tips and tricks for handling nuanced stains and other signs of wear

Spot Treatment Methods

If you find any stains or marks that do not come off with these basic cleaning tips, we have spot treatment recommendations below.


Issue #1: Cleaning small fabric stains.

Simply dab the stain with a soft laundry stain remover applied to a microfiber cloth. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach, and never apply the product directly to your bag. For stubborn stains that require a bit more care, Rebag trusts the Tide-To-Go Pen.

Issue #2: Polishing hardware tarnish.

To remove tarnish, you can use a polishing pen, or apply a liquid polishing solution to a microfiber cloth. Gently buff the hardware to remove the tarnish – you may have to do this a few times depending on its severity. Then, remove any leftover residue with a dry microfiber cloth.

Issue #3: Treating leather

Luckily, for most light marks and scratches, you can usually buff it out with a microfiber cloth. Due to the nature of this material, we usually recommend not doing anything other than the buffing method. But, for those willing to take the risk, you can cut a small piece of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and very lightly scrub off stubborn marks and water stains.

Issue #4: Treating patent leather

To remove scuffs or marks, use a Q-Tip to apply a leather scuff remover solution to the bag, then buff it out with the Q-Tip. Once done, take your cloth and remove any leftover residue.

Issue #5: Treating suede, pony hair, and fur

For these materials, a suede brush can do wonders in dislodging dirt or light stains. Lightly brush the material in the same direction it falls in.

Issue #6: Removing odor and smells

For moderate to severe smells, Rebag trusts Absorbent Bad Air Sponge, and similar products that do not come directly into contact with the bag. Place the sponge container in your bag with the opening propped open, preferably facing a fan to allow circulation of air within the interior. The sponge has a slight perfume odor, so only use for 2-3 days at most then air out your bag on its own. Occasionally, dryer sheets are a good alternative depending on your preference of smell.