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 5 Louis Vuitton Bags
Worth the Investment

By The Rebag Team, Dec. 13, 2023

5 Louis Vuitton Bags Worth the Investment

Investment-Worthy Louis Vuitton Handbags

With an average value retention of 81%, French luxury giant Louis Vuitton is a safe investment. Using millions of data points on primary and secondary market pricing, demand, and trends, our 2023 Clair Report determined the label’s top five styles in terms of value retention.

The Value of Louis Vuitton

In May of 2023, Louis Vuitton enthusiasts were shocked to learn that the French label introduced a waitlist for the iconic Neverfull, a classic entry point to the brand and a staple in many luxury handbag collections since its debut in 2007. Given the newfound degree of scarcity, the already-popular Neverfull climbed 8 percentage points to an impressive 136% average value retention, far surpassing the Pochette Accessoires, the second most valuable style in terms of resale value.

1. Neverfull Tote

Pochette Accessoires

The coveted Neverfull has been an all-time favorite since its launch in 2007, due to its timeless design and ease of use. It is also one of the best investments in the world of luxury handbags, with an impressive 136% retention value.

2. Pochette Accessoires

Neverfull Tote

The minimal Pochette Accessoires, with its practical design, is one of the best Louis Vuitton investment pieces. The style boasts a remarkable 102% average retention rate.

3. Felicie Pochette

Favorite Handbag

Another investment-worthy handbag by the luxury giant, the Felicie Pochette holds 98% of its original retail value.

4. OnTheGo Tote

OnTheGo Tote

The Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Tote is both a stylish carry-all and a sound investment, holding 97% of its value at resale.

5. Speedy Bandoulière Bag

Pochette Metis

Introduced in 1930, the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was crafted to meet the fast-paced lifestyle of its time. It also makes for a wise investment, retaining 92% of its value.