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 Clair AI: Image Recognition
Technology for Luxury Resale

By Rachelle B. Feb 3, 2021

Clair AI, Image Recognition

With Clair AI, the first image recognition technology for

luxury resale, you can reveal a designer handbag’s true resale value with a single image, no matter if it’s a bag from your closet, in a magazine, or on television. Since Clair AI is powered by machine-learning and backed by six years of data and millions of image references, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of every bag’s resale potential.

Rebag Founder & CEO Charles Gorra Explains Clair AI

What is Clair AI?

Clair AI is the world’s first image recognition technology for luxury resale. This new technology developed by Rebag instantly recognizes and delivers the resale value of handbags across a list of over 50 brands and 15,000 Clair Codes, backed by six years of data and millions of image references.


How Clair AI Works

Clair AI works on desktop and mobile. For the smoothest experience, install the Rebag app on your iOS or Android device. Then scan a handbag, and receive the designer, model, and style along with an offer that Rebag is willing to pay for that item today.

The scanning function works just like scanning a QR code or mobile banking deposit. Clair AI only needs one good front-facing picture of the bag. Simply place the phone in front of a handbag, and it will auto-capture an image.

Clair AI will make between one and five predictions, ranked by highest likelihood, and then you select the one that represents the item. Currently, Clair AI can recognize about 15,000 bags with over 90% success rate, and it constantly improves.


Ways to Use Clair AI

There are so many ways this image recognition technology can assist luxury consumers. Of course, you can download the app then go to your closet and scan any luxury bag in there – Rebag will offer a price that they are willing to pay today. Then, you can print your free shipping label or drop it off at a Rebag store for instant payment. But more than that, you can also scan bags while you are shopping in a store. Imagine you are considering making a new luxury purchase – you can scan that item with Clair AI to observe its resale value just how you would consult Kelley Blue Book before buying a car.

There are other ways to use Clair AI, both in real life or with virtual representations of a bag. For example, you can use it while shopping online, scrolling through Instagram, flipping through a magazine, watching television, and even while video chatting with a friend.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you use Clair AI – most importantly, it’s built to educate consumers and empower all of us to make informed buying and selling decisions. And of course, if you’re looking to find the value of an accessory other than handbags like a piece of jewelry or a watch, you can use our Clair search and image submission options. 

Ready to ID and price a luxury bag? Click here to use Clair AI for desktop and mobile, or download the Rebag app for your mobile device by click below, or scanning the QR code.

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