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Jewelry 101: Gemstone Care

Gemstones require special treatment. Do you know how to clean and care for your gemstone-adorned fine jewelry? Whether it’s keeping the sparkle in your diamonds, the shine in your malachite, or maintaining the iridescence of your mother-of-pearl jewelry, read on to see the best way to take care of your jewelry. 


How to Clean

Diamonds are the only gemstones that can be cleaned with water. Use a soft brush and a small amount of liquid soap with a neutral pH. Rinse with fresh warm water, and dry with a soft cloth. 


How to Store

The hardest of all minerals, diamonds can easily scratch softer materials. Store any jewelry with diamonds separately from other pieces. 



How to Clean

When worn regularly, pearls should be cleaned professionally once a year. In between professional cleanings, wipe them gently with a damp cloth.


Pearl Care

Pearls should be restrung professionally if worn often. Keep them free of fragrances, cosmetics, lotions, perspiration, and dirt.



How to Clean

Clean delicately with a soft, dry cloth.


How to Care

Avoid contact with any water. Since mother-of-pearl is naturally soft, it is susceptible to small scratches. Keep away from any items that might scratch the surface.



How to Care

Avoid all contact with water because it could alter the brilliance of the material.




How to Clean

Clean with a soft dry cloth.



How to Care

Avoid contact with cosmetics, hairspray, lotions, fragrances, or household chemicals.



How to Clean

Do you not use ultrasonic cleaning.

How to Care

Avoid contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, or household chemicals.