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By Isabelle E, Aug 20, 2021


Who better to highlight than Rebag’s valued collectors?

Sabrina, of the luxury fashion TikTok @SabrinaShops, brings us into the world of an accessory aficionado and shares her collection that is nothing short of perfection.

For this month’s Share & Tell, we were lucky enough to get a peek into the closet of Sabrina Kostusiak. Sabrina, who goes by the handle @SabrinaShops, runs a popular TikTok account about all things luxury accessories, so this partnership was truly a match made in handbag heaven. Scroll on to be dazzled by bedazzled Prada bags and so much more!


Describe your style in three words.

Sabrina: Classic, effortless, fun.

Share & Tell with @Caleb.Snell.Designer

What started your love of luxury?

Sabrina: Vogue, Gossip Girl, estate sales.

Share & Tell with @Caleb.Snell.Designer

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Sabrina: My vintage python leather Gucci Jackie that I found for an amazing price.

Share & Tell with @Caleb.Snell.Designer

What is your absolute dream bag?

Sabrina: An oversized orange Birkin with gold hardware.

Share & Tell with @Caleb.Snell.Designer

Which bag would you invest in this season?

Sabrina: I have my eye out for the perfect Chanel Classic Flap.

What’s one tip for someone starting their own luxury collection?

Sabrina: Invest in pieces you will wear for a lifetime, don’t buy something unless you really love it, and check resale sites first!

Rebag & SabrinaShops

The best part about shopping luxury resale is…

Sabrina: Finding deals on unique pieces and owning a bit of fashion history.

You can follow Sabrina on TikTok to stay up-to-date on her growing collection! If you or someone you know shop at Rebag and want to be featured in our Share & Tell series, just shoot us a message below.