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By Isabelle E, Nov 15, 2021


Rebag puts a spotlight on our valued collectors.

This month’s Share & Tell features collector @uniquely.joles, a Chanel lover and neutral accessory addict. We couldn’t help but fall in love with her closet and we have a feeling you will too.

Jolie Leung, aka @uniquely.joles, credits her husband for igniting her love of luxury with a Louis Vuitton Favorite bag. Since then, Jolie has amassed an impressive collection featuring beautiful handbags from Chanel and stunning Dior jewels. We can’t help but fawn over her dazzling accessories, and with great taste comes great responsibility, so we tapped Jolie to share her collection with us (and with you) on this month’s edition of Share & Tell. Scroll on to see it for yourself.


Describe your style in three words.

Jolie: Feminine, casual, edgy.

Rebag & casscass210

What started your love of luxury?

Jolie: Hubby is responsible for my love of luxury because he bought me my first luxury bag, an LV Favorite PM, and since then I haven’t looked back.

Rebag & A_Weekend_Luxe

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

Jolie: It is definitely my beige chevron reissue bag from 16A with brushed gold hardware.

Rebag & A_Weekend_Luxe

What is your absolute dream bag?

Jolie: That would be a Chanel 17C caviar rectangular mini in caramel with light gold hardware.

Rebag & A_Weekend_Luxe

Which bag would you invest in this season?

Jolie: I think it’s time I start looking at a mini Kelly in gold as an investment piece.

Rebag & A_Weekend_Luxe

What’s one tip for someone starting their own luxury collection?

Jolie: Look into the preloved market because you can find practically new bags for hundreds or even thousands below retail.

Rebag & A_Weekend_Luxe

The best part about shopping luxury resale is…

Jolie: You save money and oftentimes you can find unicorns from previous seasons.


You can follow Jolie on Instagram to stay up-to-date on her growing collection! If you or someone you know shop at Rebag and want to be featured in our Share & Tell series, just shoot us a message below.