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By Isabelle E, Jul 8, 2021

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Dimepiece is changing the way we see women and watches.

With 12,000 followers and counting, Brynn Wallner — the maven behind — is transforming the perception of women and watches. Although the watch world is male-dominated, Wallner wants to make sure that women get their fair share of the pie.

There hasn’t always been ample space for women in the luxurious world of watches — that is until, the emergence of Brynn Wallner, the brains behind viral Instagram

In just over a year, Brynn has solidified that women indeed need to be represented in watches as made evident by Dimepiece’s 12,000 followers that just keep growing. With the help of Brynn’s quick wit, pop-culture throwbacks, and an excellent curation of timepieces, Dimepiece is inspiring women to take interest and even invest in luxury watches like never before. 

Ever since we began carrying watches back in the fall of 2020, we have been looking for a way to work with the watch enthusiast. This summer, we finally got that opportunity when we received a rare Vacheron Constantin watch. The 13th of 20 ever made, this Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements watch in French lace is no ordinary watch. We asked Brynn to review the rare find in our latest Watches 101 video, which you can watch below. We were also lucky enough to have Brynn answer a few questions  so we could get the watch intel you need to know. Read on to get to know

How did you become interested in watches?

Brynn: I was working on the editorial team for Sotheby’s in 2019, and the Watches Department tapped me to produce some content for them. I was new to watches but I became very intimate with the material – editing, fact-checking, sourcing photos – and was instantly obsessed. I realized that women weren’t featured prominently in the narrative so I had to do my own digging, and thus the idea for Dimepiece came about.

You source some incredible pop-culture imagery that showcase the best watch moments in history. What pop-culture watch moment is most iconic in your opinion?

Brynn: I’m obsessed with the photo of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing her big gold Rolex Daytona while holding a can of whipped cream. It just looks like a wild night out and the large watch looks so good on her tiny wrist.

Who are your inspirations when it comes to watches?

Brynn: My friends… I definitely get a lot of inspiration looking at celebs all day, but there’s nothing like seeing a watch in person (and even better when they let me try it on!). I got the Cartier Tank Française after seeing it on my mom’s friend – she wears it so well, stacking it and styling it so organically. It really took seeing it on her to convince me to get one myself.

What are the best women’s watches for a first-time collector and why?

Brynn: My friend Cara Barrett always suggests a Rolex Datejust as a first watch… it’s so timeless and versatile – there’s a reason why it’s Rolex’s top-selling model. My first watch was the aforementioned Tank Françcaise, which I love for its versatility as well (also, every girl needs a Cartier!). If you don’t have the big-budget, though, I’d say just choose something you like the look of – whether it’s a Gucci piece or even a Swatch. It helps to familiarize yourself with having a watch on your wrist, no matter the brand. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give women who are looking to break into the world of watches?

Brynn: Don’t be shy! Make some watch buddies and ask them questions. See what all the celebs are wearing (via Dimepiece, of course) to help understand and contextualize your own preferences. 

You’ve said that the Cartier Panthere is this year’s “It Girl” watch, what do you think next year’s will be?

Brynn: I’m trying to make teeny tiny Royal Oaks a thing.

If you’re a female interested in watches, where and who are your best resources for information?

Brynn: Dimepiece, obvi! You can read interviews and learn more about watches via; but again, if you’re just scrolling the feed, it really helps to see watches on real people and celebrities to understand the look of them. Also, there are some amazing women collectors and experts on Instagram that I feature all the time on Dimepiece – so click through and find yourself in a good rabbit hole. Then once you’re inspired you can read and watch videos on the internet… HODINKEE has some great content, and I have a monthly watch column in Harper’s Bazaar! 

You started Dimepiece because you felt the watch world was largely male. Have you noticed any changes since then?

Brynn: Definitely. This past year has been transformative for the watch world! Women have been getting so much more of a platform, and there’s been a rich dialogue around how to make the industry catch up. Check out this Wall Street Journal article to read about 8 women changing the watch world

What’s your dream timepiece?

Brynn: The gold Carolina Bucci Royal Oak with the mirror dial. The only thing that would make this better is if it were 26mm!