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The Size Guide: Celine
Luggage and Phantom

By The Rebag Team, Jan 14, 2022

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Which size Celine
Luggage or Phantom should you get?

The Celine Luggage and Phantom were two of Phoebe Philo’s most iconic handbags during her tenure there. Have you been considering a Celine Luggage or Phantom bag, but aren’t sure which size to get? With over a handful of sizes of these legendary Celine bags, you’re going to want to make sure to select the right size for your investment. Whether you want a tiny Luggage to accompany you on a night of dancing, or a larger Phantom to bring to work, use the Rebag Size Guide to find the ideal size for your wardrobe needs.


The Celine Luggage and Phantom Bag Sizes

Nano Celine Luggage Bag

The smallest of the Celine Luggage bags, the Nano measures in at 8’’ H x 8’’ W x 4’’ D with a 3-inch handle drop and a 23-inch strap drop. It’s the only Celine bag out of the Luggage and Phantom that comes with a long strap, so it can be worn as both a shoulder bag crossbody bag. Its compact size makes it ideal for a night out, and the crossbody strap leaves your hands free to do other things. 


Micro Celine Luggage Bag

The Micro Luggage is the medium-sized Celine Luggage bag. It measures at 11’’ H x 11’’ W x 6’’ D with a 10-inch handle drop. It can be carried by hand or on the arm, and its ample size allows it to hold a number of things, including your wallet, makeup bag, keys, phone, and more.


Mini Celine Luggage Bag

Even though it’s called the Mini, this Celine Luggage bag is the largest of the three Luggage sizes. Its measurements are ​​12’’ H x 12’’ W x 7’’ D, and it has a 10-inch handle drop. The Mini Celine Luggage handbag can be carried by hand or worn on the arm, and it’s large enough for all your essentials plus large envelopes or pamphlets. 


Medium Celine Phantom Bag

Although the Celine Phantom bags are discontinued, they can still be purchased at resale. The Medium Celine Phantom is the smaller of the two Phantom bags, and measures at 11’’ H X 12’’ W x 10’’ D. It has a 5-inch handle drop and be carried by hand or on the arm. The Medium Celine Phantom fits folders and large envelopes. 


Large Celine Phantom Bag

The largest of the Celine Luggage and Phantom bags measures at 11’’ H x 13’’ W x 9’’D with a handle drop of 5 inches. The Large Celine Phantom handbag can be carried by hand or worn on the arm. It’s large enough to fit a small laptop or large envelopes, making it a great everyday accessory for the office.


Celine Luggage and Phantom Size Comparison

Check out the size comparison images below to see and compare each size of the Celine Luggage and Phantom bags on Caitlyn, who is 5’9” tall, to get an idea of how the variations of the nano, micro, and mini Celine Luggage bags and the medium and large Phantom bags compare to get an idea for which Celine handbag is right for you.


Our model Caitlyn is 5’9” tall. 

Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19
Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19
Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19

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