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Top 5 reasons to
shop resale

By Koyaana R. Dec. 27, 2019

With resale rising in popularity among post-recession 

shoppers, Rebag has made it its mission to shed light on the advantages of shopping recommerce. No longer is secondhand a term relegated to dark and musty thrift shops but it is associated with gleaming and gilded stores stocked with luxury items that just happen to have had a previous owner.

5. The Buck Goes Further


Much like a car, items lose value off their original retail price as soon as they leave the store. However, for the savvy purchaser, this can be an advantage. If an item is listed in an open marketplace or on a resale site, it is unlikely to be listed at retail since most sellers are motivated to recoup what they can.


4. Extending The Life Of An Item


A great reason to shop resale is to help extend the life of luxury goods, often referred to as “rehoming.” Resellers recognize the value of their luxury item and may also have an emotional or sentimental connection to it, so they look for a new home for this cherished piece. Like it’s previous owner, you, as the purchaser, will care for and love the item until you decide to pass it on, or rehome it yourself.


3. Smaller Carbon Footprint


Participating in resale is truly a sustainable behavior. When you extend the life of an item (reason #4), you are also keeping it out of a landfill and reducing additional production waste. These are two major factors in the fight against climate change. While this impact one resale shopper has may be small, as the secondary market continues to become more mainstream, shopping resale will have a larger impact on reducing our carbon footprint.


2. Stimulate The Economy


Shopping resale keeps items in rotation, meaning that they are continuously sold over and over. When that happens, the money spent doesn’t go in the trash, so to speak, but goes back into the pockets of the sellers to be used for future purchases in the primary market.


1. The Most Unique Finds


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, shopping pre-owned gives you the best chance of finding rare and unique pieces. Between limited edition, discontinued, or simply hard to find, the thrill of finding that seemingly unattainable piece is unmatched.