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Valentine’s Day
with Dylana Suarez

By Isabelle E. Feb 12, 2021

Rebag & Dylana Suarez

Love is in the air, and with a Valentine’s Day like never before,

we wanted to make the occasion extra special. So, we’re inviting you to spend the day of love with the ever-so-stylish Dylana Suarez and her husband, socially distanced, of course. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and follow along as we talk all things V-Day with the perfect pair.


Do you and your husband have any cherished Valentine’s Day traditions?

Dylana: I wouldn’t say we have a tradition we stick to every Valentine’s Day, since we like to change it up. But I always feel like being together and watching a really great film off of our film list is something we often do on holidays, and what we definitely will include in this year’s Valentine’s Day plans.

What is your Valentine’s Day in lockdown going to look like?

Dylana: Our lockdown Valentine’s Day will be spent warm and cozy indoors, of course. We plan to cook an amazing pasta dish from scratch and sip red wine all night. And, of course, there will be dessert. Cooking is one of our favorite things to do together!

Rebag & Dylana Suarez

What was one of your favorite gifts or moments?

Dylana: There was one year that we were doing long distance earlier in our relationship, and we met in Rio de Janeiro before actual Valentine’s Day, and it was so special because that whole trip felt like a perpetual Valentine’s Day! These sort of unexpected times we get to share with each other are the most important!


If you could pick any Rebag item to gift your partner, what would it be? What Rebag item do you think he’d choose for you?

Dylana: I would choose for him a really beautiful, timeless watch because he’s never owned a watch before, and I feel like after browsing the Rebag site, he finally has his eyes on a few! He would probably choose a vintage Chanel bag for me because he knows I’m obsessed with adding to my collection.

Rebag & Dylana Suarez