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Valentine’s Day
with Jelena & Joe

By Isabelle E, Feb 8, 2022

Rebag & kelseykotzur

Valentine’s Day with
Jelena and Joe Weir.

At Rebag, we love love — that’s why we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the effortlessly chic husband-and-wife duo, Jelena and Joe Weir, and you’re invited too! With years of practice, Jelena and Joe have the day of love down to a science. They shared their wisdom with us, recalled some of their favorite Valentine’s Day memories, and what they’ve planned to gift each other from Rebag this year.

What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

Jelena & Joe: Our favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that no matter how busy or distracted we are we have this day to bring the focus back to us and our love for each other.

Do you both have any cherished Valentine’s Day traditions?

Jelena: I wouldn’t say that we have any specific Valentine’s Day traditions but we definitely never skip Valentine’s Day. It’s important to take even the smallest moment to show our appreciation for one another.

Rebag, Jelena Marija, & Joe Weir

Tell us about your favorite Valentine’s Day so far…

Jelena: Our favorite Valentine’s Day so far would have to be the year we moved to New York in 2017 and Joe surprised me with a dinner reservation at a popular restaurant known for their truffle dishes. It just seemed so surreal to be living in the city with all the energy and excitement. That night will forever be a special memory.

How will you be spending the holiday this year?

I will share a little Valentine’s Day hack with you. We will make plans on the 13th to avoid the reservation rush at any of our favorite spots! We want to take it easy this year since we have a little one on the way. So we will spend the 14th at home with some takeout and a movie.

Rebag, Jelena Marija, & Joe Weir

What’s your advice for picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Jelena: When it comes to picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift I would say don’t rush it! Don’t procrastinate. Take the time to think about what your crush or your lover may be missing or truly wants. Perhaps they’ve had their eye on something that they’ve been hesitant to get themselves. I find the most precious gifts are the unexpected ones.

Rebag, Jelena Marija, & Joe Weir

Tell us about the Rebag accessory you’re gifting your partner and why you chose it…

Jelena: We usually travel quite often and Joe is the one that brings all of our electronics, gadgets, and documents. He’s always on the hunt for a quality, stylish, and most of all functional bag. This year I found him just that on Rebag. He’s going to love the Bottega Veneta drawstring backpack on our next adventure.

Joe: Jelena always looks chic and likes to dress comfortably especially now that she’s pregnant. I know she also loves vintage pieces and shopping second-hand. So when I saw the vintage Chanel brooch on Rebag I knew she would treasure it and use it to take any of her looks up a notch.