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What Are the Different Styles
of Designer Handbags?

By Rebag, Jan 1, 2021

Woman with top designer handbag styles

More than just a means of holding and hauling your daily essentials

handbags are a fashion staple for every woman. The right bag can make a strong statement and pull together your entire look. Fortunately, most of the factors that influence fashion choices are null and void when it comes to bags. The shape of your face, your skin tone, and your body type don’t dictate the style of handbag you can carry

They are, however, an absolutely essential accessory.

First appearing as a visible pocket carried by women at the end of the 1700s, they became necessary when dress styles could no longer hide them under bulky skirts. Now we are surrounded by a seemingly infinite selection of different colors, sizes, and styles of handbags. Whether your choice of this popular accessory depends on its ability to add fashion intrigue or to carry as much as possible, you can find a style to fit every purpose and every occasion.

Must-Have Styles of Luxury Handbags

Today’s designer luxury handbags are a perfect combination of fashion and function, even rising to the status of wearable high-end art. Whether you are searching for a serious street style to express your unique look or a classic that will serve you faithfully year after year, here are your choices for the perfect handbag.

Shoulder Bags


The Celine Triomphe shoulder bag in sturdy canvas

Flat and rectangular in shape, shoulder bags come in many different materials and colors. High-quality leather shoulder bags with dual handles are hugely popular, and many have unique embellishments and shiny hardware. From modern styles to classics, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Crossbody Bags

Lou Camera Bag in Matelasse Chevron Leather

This great style is smaller than a shoulder bag and allows you to go hands-free. The long straps are worn across the body, so the bag rests on your hip. The crossbody works well for day or night, social events, or running errands.


Dior Book Tote in Cannage Embroidered Velvet

When you need to bring everything, the large capacity and heavy-duty design of the tote is your best bet. This is the bag everyone needs because it is so versatile and sophisticated. The single large compartment, flat bottom, and rectangular or square shape make it easy to load and unload when you are on the go.

Top Handle Bags


Hermès Kelly Handbag with Palladium Hardware

If you want to add power and chic style to any outfit, the top handle luxury bag is the perfect addition to your collection. A favorite of royalty and celebrities, this bag lends and instant polish and vintage style to any look. The distinctive handle and boxy structure comes in various hues and textures and can be worn on your arm or over your shoulder.



LV Palm Springs Backpack in Monogram Canvas

A smaller version of the academic favorite, designer backpack bags are ideal for casual wear. Well suited for active go-getters, the hands-free design has a place for everything. If you’re headed for the museum or park, there’s room for sunscreen, water, and convenient pockets for all your valuables.

Belt Bag or Waist Bag

Fendi Logo Belt Bag in Leather

Re-invented for the 21st century, this back-in-fashion belted bag or waist bag is a favorite of influencers. The removable waist strap lets you carry it across the chest to keep your essentials close and your hands-free. Top designers have elevated this retro bag to cult status with signature monograms and new interpretations.


Chanel Timeless Bowler Bag Quilted Canvas

Practical and spacious, the bowler bag is the perfect combination of high-fashion vintage and ladylike sportswear. Designers from Balenciaga to Prada have created their own iconic versions of this year-round favorite. The style comes in different sizes and is prized for being elegant and functional.

Bucket Bag

Louis Vuitton Noe Handbag in Monogram Canvas

The bucket bag is roomy and trendy, with a round base, a drawstring closure, and a long crossbody strap. Whether you choose a Bohemian look or classic leather, this everyday bag can carry all of your belongings in safety and style. After all, Louis Vuitton did create the bag initially to keep champagne bottles safe during travel.


Bottega Veneta The Pouch in Intrecciato Leather

If there is one luxury handbag you can’t do without, it’s the clutch. A staple of any collection, this is a go-to bag for formal events, date night, or happy hour. A clutch can be glamorous and beaded or simple and modern. Lightweight and small, it’s perfect for carrying small items with style.


LV Keepall Bandouliere in monogram canvas

With rounded ends and both carry handles and a shoulder strap, the duffle bag pairs well with athletic and casual wear. Perfect for weekend getaways and short trips, they are made from durable, weatherproof materials. Duffel bags can hold just about everything a light traveler, college student, or busy mom could need.



Bottega Veneta Hobo in Intrecciato Nappa Leather

A roomy bag with a slouchy, unstructured, and continuous design, hobos are popular with those who favor the Bohemian style. Its recognizable crescent shape has a roomy interior and an effortlessly flawless look. If you prefer a more fashionable image, numerous designers offer high-end hobo bags in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors.


Goyard Belvedere II Messenger Bag

This bag is a sensible, utilitarian classic originally used by male bike messengers and mail carriers. The messenger can be seen everywhere, from your favorite TV shows to ancient battlefields. Its classic design is square-shaped and can be carried over one shoulder or worn crossbody fashion.


Fendi Demi Jour Monster Satchel

A favorite of both men and women, the satchel has a flat bottom, a versatile rectangular shape, and a fold-over flap with dual clasps or buckles. It can be carried by its two short handles or worn crossbody with a long shoulder strap. Satchels have enough room for your laptop, books, or other heavy items. Perfect for professionals, students, and famous fashionistas who value organization.


LV Anton Briefcase Taiga Leather

Stylish and durable, briefcase luxury bags are the quintessential combination of quality and convenience. They are ideal for professionals who need to keep electronics and documents safe without sacrificing fashion.

Rolling Suitcase

LV Horizon Soft Luggage Monogram

If you’re looking for a chic and secure bag and made for extensive travel, the rolling suitcase is a must-have. Designers from Louis Vuitton to Prada and many others have poured their unique style into creating lightweight, durable, and inspirational luxury suitcases to meet the needs of every avid traveler.

Quality Matters

When you’re shopping for the perfect luxury handbag, remember that quality is just as important as style. When you find a bag that suits your needs and personal tastes, you’ll want to keep it around for a long time. The best part about collecting luxury designer handbags is that their popularity and quality make them perfect for resale trading. At Rebag, you can sell or buy all your favorites, from hard-to-find limited editions to classic styles. Click here to see our newest arrivals.