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The Size Guide:
Chanel Classic Flap

By The Rebag Team, Jan 7, 2022

Rebag x Virgil Abloh

Which size
Chanel Classic Flap should you get?

Have you been considering a Chanel Classic Flap, but aren’t sure which size Chanel bag to get? With over a handful of sizes of these classic flap bags, also called the 11.12, you’re going to want to make sure to select the right size for your investment. Whether you want a tiny Chanel bag that is ideal for a night out, or a larger one to carry to the office, use the Rebag Size Guide to find the ideal size for your wardrobe needs.


The Chanel Classic Flap Bag Sizes

Chanel Classic Flap Handbag Size Comparison

Check out the size comparison images below to see and compare each size of the Chanel Classic Flap bag on Caitlyn, who is 5’9” tall, to get an idea of how the variations of the mini square and rectangle, small, medium, Chanel jumbo bag, and maxi Chanel Classic Flap bags compare to figure out which Chanel handbag is right for you. 


Our model Caitlyn is 5’9” tall. 

Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19
Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19
Cardi B. with a black Chanel 19

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