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Spring is finally here and everything is blooming — including the collection we’re featuring on this month’s Share & Tell. Scroll on to get inspired by Emilie Josephine, the budding luxury collector behind @cloudofems, and her walls of Chanel, Bottega, and more!

Rebag Share & Tell @Cloudofems

We first got a glance at Emilie Josephine’s collection when she tagged us in an Instagram post a few months ago. The picture featured an adorable pup inside the classic Hermès Garden Party Tote she had scored from Rebag. A picture that cute couldn’t go without a repost on our end and from there an internet friendship was formed. We were lucky enough to keep getting tagged in impeccable content that Emilie captured, featuring even more of her collection, so obviously, we approached her about joining our Share & Tell roster. Thankfully, she obliged. Without further ado, check out Emilie’s luxury collection…

My collection represents who I am so I edit constantly and keep only pieces that I truly love.

My first luxury purchase was: When my mom matched my savings so I could buy a Mulberry bag for my 17th birthday.


Currently in my Rebag cart: A black Fendi Embossed Baguette in large.


I describe my collection as: Classics with a twist—a perfect marriage of my life in California and my Scandinavian upbringing. My collection represents who I am so I edit constantly and keep only pieces that I truly love.


One day my collection will include: A Rolex Oyster Datejust!


The most cherished piece in my collection is: Since my collection is constantly evolving— I don’t have a most cherished piece. But if I had to pick— it would have to be a tie between my Hermès Garden Party 36 (from Rebag!) and my Chanel caviar zipped wallet.

Share & Tell Rebag @Cloudofems
Share & Tell Rebag @Cloudofems

You can follow Emilie on Instagram @cloudofems to stay up-to-date on her growing collection! If you or someone you know shop at Rebag and want to be featured in our Share & Tell series, just shoot us a message below.