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Handbag 101:
How to Care for Your Handbags

By The Rebag Team, May 13, 2022

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Luxury handbags can be a worthwhile investment.

We all know the joy of collecting luxury handbags. They can be a worthwhile investment. If kept in pristine condition, they can last for generations to come. But do you know all the handbag care basics, from how to properly store and stuff them, to cleaning and caring for them to ensure that they’ll maintain their condition for years to come? Rebag’s experts created the following guides to show you how to take good care of your handbags, from nesting them to stuffing them, and caring for suede, fur, and more. 

How to Store and Protect Your Luxury Handbags

When you’re spending a lot of money on a luxury investment, you want to store your handbags properly to protect them and ensure they’ll last for generations to come.

Handbag 101: How to Properly Store Your Handbags

Handbag 101: Proper Stuffing Techniques

Handbag 101: Rebag-Approved Cleaning Techniques

Handbag 101: Nesting

Handbag 101: Chain Storage and Protection

Handbag 101: Protective Accessories

Special Care for Specific Materials

Materials like suede, canvas, and fur have different needs to keep in optimum condition. Here are tips on how to care for different materials.

Handbag 101: Caring for Shearling

Handbag 101: Caring for Fur

Handbag 101: Caring for Canvas

Handbag 101: Caring for Patent

Handbag 101: Caring for PVC

Handbag 101: Caring for Suede


Everything Else

Whether you want organization tips, or ways to display your handbag collection, here are additional tips for your handbag care.

​​Handbag 101: The Handbag Organizer

Handbag 101: Safe Display Methods

Handbag 101: All About Base Shapers

Handbag 101: How to Clean Your Neverfull Tote